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What Does it Take to Be a Successful Car Racer?

Car racing is one of the few sports packed with lots of excitement and adrenaline.

Racing provides a safe and legal platform to drive fast, hard and competitively.

Just like other sports, learning how to drive a race car earlier increases your chance of succeeding at racing.


You can still get into car racing as an adult and become a professional car race driver or engage in competitive races.

Here’re measurable steps to become a successful car racer:

4 Measurable Steps to Become a Professional Car Race Driver

I. Learn the fundamentals of car racing

Get your hands at go-kart driving

Try go-kart driving to determine if racing is something you find interesting.

It’s affordable and easy to access; a go-kart course costs anything from $20 to $30 to learn how to race.


If you realize you don’t like the sports, there isn’t much to lose.

  • Move to racing real karts

Transition to driving real karts from taking go-kart courses.

Unlike an actual race car, a kart race is more cost-effective and easier to maintain. You get to race regularly while improving your racing skills.

Find out more information about kart races at your local race track. You may also find regular kart races to hone your skills.

Here, you can attract racing teams and potential sponsors.

  • Sign up for a racing class

Find a reputable and quality racing class; make sure it has positive reviews. Check with your local race track for regular classes.

If you aren’t sure about your future or interest in car racing, take up a single-day course. Otherwise, opt for longer courses to learn the techniques and skills you need to become a good driver.

  • Practice driving with your regular car

Never speed excessively or race your car on public roads to avoid putting yourself and other drivers in danger.


You can still drive your car to hone your racing skills.

Practice applicable lessons you learned in your racing classes.

II. Transition to race car competition

Sign up with a local Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)

Join a local SCCA chapter to race and compete with actual race cars instead of karts. Ranging from auto-crossing to amateur competitions, SCCA organizes regular racing events at its tracks countrywide.

Visit the official SCCA website to join. You’ll fill out a form and pay $65 membership fee, including up to $25 worth of regional fees.

Go for physical examination to ensure you’re fit for car racing.

  • Get yourself a race car

If you’re a beginner, buy a cheap car and get it outfitted for racing. Acquire safety equipment such as a 5-point seatbelt and a roll cage to fit into the car to make it race-ready.

Hire a professional to do a pre-purchase car inspection before paying for it.

Consider older sports car models such as Porsche 914s to practice driving. You can also buy a new, fully-outfitted sports car.

Alternatively, rent a race car with a reputable rental service to reduce your expenses.

  • Buy safety gear and equipment

Buy all the necessary safety gear and equipment you need for your races and get an SCCA official to check and approve them. They include:

  • A fire-proof helmet
  • A fire-proof racing suit
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Fire-proof shoes
  • Fire-proof gloves
  • Begin racing and taking part in SCCA racing events and competitions

Check your local SCCA events schedule for lined up competitions. Sign up for as many races and competitions as possible both locally and in other cities.

  • Apply for a competition license

Race at least thrice within a couple of years at your local SCCA chapter before you can apply for a competition license.

III. Practice to make racing skills perfect

Practice racing on a daily basis

Practice at least five times every week or once or twice if you want to become an amateur racer. Sign up for local race events or use simulator to practice.

  • Learn more about sports car racing

Use racing videos, books and professional races to learn more about racing, including new trends and mental dimensions.

Record your races to watch later and see what needs improvement.

  • Invest in identity theft protection

Protect your identity from fraudsters as you climb up the racing ladder. Malicious people can easily use your identity for malice, especially as you gain popularity in the racing world.

Life Lock, Identity Guard and Identity Force are some identity theft protection services to explore in detail. You can also cover your entire family from security breaches.

  • Sign up for advances car racing courses or classes

There’s always something new to learn about racing. Take advanced classes to push yourself to new racing horizons.

  • Exercise daily

Workout your body daily to get in shape for the endurance sport. Include both muscular and endurance trainings in your workout plan.

Eat healthy meals, get enough sleep, and keep your body hydrated to gain the stamina you need to engage in long, hot races.

IV. Work on becoming a professional car racer

Find a racing team or sponsor to cover your expenses in exchange for part of your winnings. Get a mechanic to service your car pre, during, and post races.

With a good reputation, join big races. Lots of work go into becoming a successful car racer; have fun along the way because that’s what racing is all about.


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