Lakeland Raceway

The Grand Lakeland Speedway

Lakeland speedway is a renowned racing track that opened its doors in 1987. It has hosted several international races which come of them include Camping World Track series and NASCAR Xfinity and ASA Late Model Series. It measures 1,340 meters or 4,400 feet. It is an auto racing park between Memphis and Tennessee across the Loxahatchee River. The 2.8 m road course is something that the citizens take pride in since they can watch the race in real-time. This is an investment that was designed to give motor racers a good environment to portray their skills without interfering with the overall road usage on the highway. Te=he park has hosted other important events which include Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA), Super Chevy show, Nitro Jam, Fun Ford series, and HOT road power tour among others.

When we talk of road race then we have to mention the Asphalt surface that the road course if built of. Is history dates back in 1986 where a group of investors thought it wise to buy a 400 acre land in Shelby County to construct a road course, dirt and racing track? In 1996, Grand Prix Association decided to buy the facility and a year later the made the tri-oval shape of the race road. Due to the change in ownership, I also got a new name Memphis Motorsports Park. It later changed hands to the current owner Grand Prox Association of Long beach. The journey has not been a walk in the park for at some point, there were financial challenges that made it close its doors before it went into receivership to secure its name once again.

It is from 2010 that it was now on its feet and started hosting serious events which had better financial gain to keep it running. One among them was in 2013 that is the Ford Fun Weekend that put it n the public limelight as a hosting facility for all manner of races. The moment it started hosting international events then there was mass flow of contracts and everyone wanted to associate themselves with the facility. This is because of the facelift that it had since it was designed to attract the international events which have specific conditions that it must meet before it can be chosen as a suitable venue.

As an event organizer, before you choose a venue for such an event you have to make sure that not only it has the racing tracks but you also look at some of the social amenities. This is the reason why the World cup and Olympics committee have to do due diligence of an area before they sit and come up with it as a venue. This is an event that attracts all kinds of people which include businessmen and women, socialites, civil society organizations and event organizers. Some of them come before the D-DAY just to make sure that everything is in order. It is in this case that you have to check whether there are entertainment sports, accommodation facilities and access as factors to consider for a road racing event.