Lakeland Raceway

Lakeland Raceway: An Adventure for Your Whole Family


Lakeland Raceway is a racing track that you can bring your whole family to. They have something for everyone! You’ll love the thrill of the race, but don’t worry if you’re not into cars – there are plenty of other activities at Lakeland Raceway too. From go-karts to mini-golf and everything in between, there’s something for everyone at this fantastic racing facility. If you want fun things to do with your kids, come on down to Lakeland Raceway today!

Lakeland Raceway is an expansive road in Tennessee, and it has been transformed into a race track that your whole family can enjoy. As mot racing tracks have a speed limit, this racetrack doesn’t have any, so you can drive all you want and enjoy it with your family.

You can drive at high speed, and you can bring whatever car you want. There are also experienced driver that can help you if you don’t have any experience on racing. There are also a lot of other activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Why you should visit Lakeland Raceway this season, with your whole family

Lakeland Raceway is an adventure for the whole family. From thrill seekers to kids of all ages, this place has something for everyone, and it’s just a short drive from Tampa! There are two different race tracks for those who love speed and excitement: The oval track that features three different configurations and the road course that offers a challenging twist.

For those who prefer to stay on terra firma, there are plenty of other activities for you, including race carts, mini rides like a roller coaster, and hoverboards. Also available is a treasure island that you can search for treasures from.


Suppose you want to have fun playing treasure island; you might want to bring along a metal detector to help you find treasures on the track. A metal detector is the coolest gadget that you can zip around on and carry about, and it wouldn’t get in your way even if you want to try out other fun activities on the track.

If you don’t already have this gadget and would love to buy one, we recommend the Minelab metal detector. It’s an amazing brand that detectorists love, and you’ll enjoy using it.


And don’t forget about all the food and drinks available throughout the complex too. There is nothing like racing around this track with your family and then taking in a delicious meal together or grabbing some snacks from the concession stand.

The experience at the racetrack (racing, food, etc. ))

If you’re looking to have a good time, Lakeland Raceway is the place to be. You don’t need any experience with racing or cars – this family-friendly track has something for everyone! After your thrilling race and an adrenaline rush of high speeds, enjoy great food from our concessions stand. The menu includes items like hamburgers, hotdogs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Potato Chips.

If you’re looking for a great family outing that the whole family will enjoy – come to Lakeland Raceway! You’ll be glad you did.

The racetrack at Lakeland features several different types of racing:

– Dirt track (cars)

– Quarter Midget (kids)

– Mini Sprint Cars (high school and college-aged drivers)

Tips for your first visit to the track (what to wear, what not to bring)

You will need to dress in layers for your first visit. Please bring a few extra clothes if it gets cold or you drip food on them from the concessions stand! If you want something other than hot dogs and fries, bring some of those too. You are not allowed back into the locker room with alcohol, so don’t bother bringing any drinks along unless they’re water bottles.

Tip For your first time visiting Lakeland Raceway’s track, one crucial thing to remember is to dress appropriately! Pack an outfit that can be layered easily because different weather conditions may occur throughout the day at this location; be prepared by carrying around extras if necessary, such as dry clothing when wet ones become soggy due to rain outside.

Necessary safety precautions to take before even setting foot on the track.

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for racing, such as long, durable pants with non-slip soles, a shirt that covers your arms to protect against flying debris, gloves, and eye protection. It is recommended you wear hearing protection too if there will be loud noises from engines or cars being raced.

Wear a helmet. You will not be allowed on the track without it, and you should always wear one when riding in race cars, motorcycles, or bicycles at any time.

Bring your food and drinks to avoid spending extra money on concessions inside of Lakeland Raceway. There is a concession stand with vegan and gluten-free options for those who have dietary restrictions, such as being vegan or gluten-free.

Bring your camera! There are multiple photo opportunities, including when cars race by you at high speeds, leaving just an afterimage in the air or as they zoom past you on foot to round the corner for another lap.


The family-friendly atmosphere of Lakeland Raceway offers something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the thrill of racing or take in some live music and good food – there is a perfect event waiting for you at Lakeland Raceway! Have fun this summer with your whole family by visiting us soon.

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