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Welcome to the Lakeland Raceway Website.



A Look at Abandoned Lakeland International Raceway Near Memphis, Tennessee.

The 1999 release on video and DVD of Monte Hellman's film 'Two-Lane Blacktop' prompted me to pay a visit to the grounds of the Lakeland International Raceway; a track that made its debut on July 4th, 1960 as Lake Land Dragway.  (Ironically, 'Two-Lane Blacktop' made it's theatrical debut in New York City on the Fourth of July weekend too.) Almost ten years after I started this site, in 2009 the last remains of this once vibrant track were scooped up by heavy equipment and hauled off in dump trucks to make way for more of the same, mixed use development.

Closed in 1979, this track saw a lot of action in its heyday hosting major NHRA, AHRA and IHRA events. The best names in drag racing have traveled this asphalt; Jungle Jim, Dyno Don, Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick, Shirl Greer, Bob Glidden, Lee Shepherd, Shirley Muldowney, Tommy Ivo, Eddie Hill, Gene Snow and many more! In 1972 Big Daddy Don Garlits set an AHRA national E.T. record, traversing Lakeland Raceway in 5.95 seconds. He returned in 1973 and laid down drag racing's quickest pass of the time, 5.79 seconds; a number that stood with NHRA for almost two years.

Tennessee State Flag

1967 Coming Events - Click to enlarge. Thanks Jack Martin!A road course constructed on the site in the late 60's which integrated the dragstrip as a long straightaway even hosted SCCA and USAC races.  A.J. Foyt, Roger McCluskey and Parnelli Jones competed here in the Memphis 200. After you tour the track, check out 'the old days' section, the article archive and the 'WHBQ' section where you'll see some of the exciting action that took place here.

If you have any stories, photos etc. to share related to Lakeland International Raceway feel free to contact me and sign the guestbook.  I'm sure there are plenty of interesting memories out there. This site can serve as a gathering place for all things Lakeland International Raceway. (Thanks to all those who have contributed so far!)

In the meanwhile, enjoy your look around this ghost track.

 Greg Friend


7/11/2015 - returns to the Web. Stay tuned for new material covering the good old days.


Click here for Two-Lane Blacktop scenes!

Click here for Lakeland International Raceway scenes from Two-Lane Blacktop.

Lakeland Speedbowl

Does anyone remember this track? If you have stories, pictures of memorabilia, e-mail me. I'd like to collect information to start a little site about this old track too.

Yet another Memphis area abandoned dragstrip... The picture to the left contains yet another abandoned, Memphis area dragstrip.  Do you know what it was?

Click here to see.



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